MEGEAR Level 1&Level 2 EV Charger with Five adapters, 16A, 100-240V, 25FT, Portable Electric Vehicle Charger, Fast EV Home Charging Station

  • [Comprehensive Compatibility] - Elevate your EV charging experience with our cutting-edge multi-plug ev charger. Designed to cater to diverse charging scenarios, it comes equipped with an array of six plug options (NEMA 6-20/NEMA 5-15/NEMA 10-30/NEMA 14-50/NEMA 14-30/NEMA 6-50). This versatile charger effortlessly adapts to all charging outlets across the United States, accommodating both 110V and 240V sockets to meet varying charging requirements.
  • [Effortless Charging] - Simplify your charging routine with our user-friendly multi-plug ev charger. Experience hassle-free charging by effortlessly swapping out plugs to match your specific charging needs. No cumbersome adjustments or complex configurations required - just plug and charge.
  • [Convenience Redefined] - Elevate your on-the-go charging experience with our multi-plug ev charger's thoughtful design. The included compact storage pouch ensures easy portability, allowing you to take your charging solution wherever you go. With a generous 25ft cable length, you'll have ample reach for convenient charging. The integrated LED indicator provides clear and intuitive real-time charging status updates.
  • [Uncompromised Safety] - Your safety is our top priority. Our multi-plug ev charger boasts a robust seven-layer protection system, safeguarding you and your vehicle against potential hazards. From low voltage and high voltage protection to overcurrent, leakage, high-temperature, grounding, and lightning protection, our charger offers unparalleled peace of mind throughout your charging sessions.
  • [Confidence in Quality] - Rest easy knowing that your investment is backed by a solid one-year warranty. We stand by the durability, performance, and reliability of our multi-plug ev charger, ensuring your charging needs are met without compromise.