About Us

History of M & E

Founded in New York State in 2014, M&E NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY INC focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of charging equipment for electric vehicles.We produce AC/DC ev charging equipment and ev charging connector, master the core technology of R & D capacity of intelligent control, IOT, and custom-made high power products . We have been providing equipment, platforms, users, and data operation services for global customers and making full charging life cycle platforms for users via with the help of vehicle sales, private and public charging services. By implementing our corporate strategy of combining energy and industries, we can fulfill our dream of providing convenient EV charging for mankind. 


In March 2019, we established a factory in Dongguan-based Qingxi by cooperating with Phihong for manufacturing ev charging station. In January 2020, we authorized Foshan Maxgreen Technology as its sole agent in Mainland China for selling charging station. Therefore, M & E formed its industry chain involving the R & D in Taiwan, business development in Hong Kong, and manufacturing and marketing in Mainland China, completing its preliminary distribution in China.


M & E charging service ecosystem:

Based on our outstanding charging station, We can provide reliable and safe charging services for users. On the basis of the APP and the shared information on the locations of all EV charging station in USA, it can provide charging station inquiry services as well as charging time, charging quantity, emission reduction effects, real-time charging, accidental interruption, early reminders, failure alarm, and other information for users. So far, we have established our charging service ecosystem through the model of “products + service”, namely “charging station + APP” and by working with map operators, EV companies, and Internet companies.
Besides the offline distribution of charging station, we have been actively developing and promoting our online phone-based positioning App as well. After starting the App, users can watch the plugs available on the map. By observing the pie charts surrounding the middle figures, they can judging how many are being used, which provides possibilities for them to find a charging station easily and rapidly. We mainly use M & E cards, non-contact credit cards or App for charging users. In addition, the App can provide the information of electric quantity required to reach relevant destination, charging completion, and interruption notices for users. So far, the App has listed more than 4,000 public charging stations, including public charging station and private ones. With the extensive expansion of private charging station in the future, our App will witness its rapid increase in covering private charging station.   11