How Do Your Driving Behaviors Affect Your Electric Vehicle? - Megear

Driving behaviors emerge out of the interplay of contextual conditions (traffic, road, weather, vehicle, etc) and person-specific driving styles. Good driving behaviors will help extend the life of your EV battery.   Try to drive slower as this will help conserve energy used from your battery. When you drive too fast,the motor always outputs at maximum power, causing serious heat generation. In addition to consuming more power, it will also affect the life of the motor. Stepping hard on the accelerator and brake will make the instantaneous current too large, which means that more power consumption. Stop frequent braking hard Gasoline cars consume a lot of fuel when you brake hard frequently, and electric vehicle also consume a lot of...


How Does Cold Weather Affect The Vehicle Battery? - Megear

Winter seems to bring many issues from freezing pipes, high electric bills, to dying vehicle batteries. Do you often find that your car won't charge fully in winter? Please don't rush to determine that the charger is working wrong. Most of the time, this is not likely due to the charger but more likely due to the battery, the weather, and driving habits. Let us make an explanation as below. Generally, at 59F to 95F( 15 ℃ to 35 ℃), the charging and discharging capacity of the battery is at a right level for 98-100%. According to some reports, a car battery gets drastically more worn from winter temperatures. When the temperature lower than 59F, electrolyte in the battery will become...