New: Charge Your Car Wirelessly Will Be The True ? - Megear

What if your electric vehicle can charge wirelessly, just like your smartphone? China is on its way to implement this technology soon. The China Electricity Council has recently introduced national standards to charge EVs wirelessly. And the foundation was laid by the WiTricity firm whose technology is being used for wireless charging of vehicles.China’s auto market is by far the most aggressive in transitioning to electric, and Chinese carmakers are seeking ways to make the EV ownership experience even more appealing to new buyers. Wireless charging makes charging as simple as parking your car and walking away, ensuring that full battery capacity and range is seamlessly available to the driver.Wireless EV charging with WiTricity’s magnetic resonance technology can deliver the same...


How Does Cold Weather Affect The Vehicle Battery? - Megear

Winter seems to bring many issues from freezing pipes, high electric bills, to dying vehicle batteries. Do you often find that your car won't charge fully in winter? Please don't rush to determine that the charger is working wrong. Most of the time, this is not likely due to the charger but more likely due to the battery, the weather, and driving habits. Let us make an explanation as below. Generally, at 59F to 95F( 15 ℃ to 35 ℃), the charging and discharging capacity of the battery is at a right level for 98-100%. According to some reports, a car battery gets drastically more worn from winter temperatures. When the temperature lower than 59F, electrolyte in the battery will become...


FAQS of Megear ev chargers

  Q:Why does the J1772 plug so tight? A:The safety specification requirement for a J1772 plug have a required plug force, we build to those specifications, the end result is a tight fit for a few week. It will only last a few weeks. You could put some water soluble lubricant on connectors and it worked better on this issue.   Q:Does this stop supplying power when the car is fully charged? A:Yes it does. Like every Cables/ Charger, which are actually called E.V.S.E Cables (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment): there are 2 prongs that communicate with the car to tell when its accepting charge when its doesn't want any. Then charger will stop on its own when the system is charged.  ...