How Do Your Driving Behaviors Affect Your Electric Vehicle? - Megear - MEGEAR

How Do Your Driving Behaviors Affect Your Electric Vehicle? - Megear

May 10, 2022



Driving behaviors emerge out of the interplay of contextual conditions (traffic, road, weather, vehicle, etc) and person-specific driving styles.

Good driving behaviors will help extend the life of your EV battery.

Try to drive slower as this will help conserve energy used from your battery.

When you drive too fast,the motor always outputs at maximum power, causing serious heat generation. In addition to consuming more power, it will also affect the life of the motor. Stepping hard on the accelerator and brake will make the instantaneous current too large, which means that more power consumption.

Stop frequent braking hard

Gasoline cars consume a lot of fuel when you brake hard frequently, and electric vehicle also consume a lot of power.

Warming up the car before start up.

Electric vehicle cannot be warmed up in place like gasoline cars, because the battery does not work when parking. Warm up the car refers that drive slowly after start up at a constant speed for 3-5 minutes in order to let the coolant in the battery pack heated up.  

After the battery heats up, it consumes the same amount of electricity but runs faster than when it is cold.That means that under the same power consumption, consume 1% of the cold battery can drive 1 km, while the heated battery can drive about 1.2 km because of the fast operation speed.

For vehicle that are not fully warmed up, speed up will result in high power consumption and low speed, and the cruising range will also be reduced by about 10% -15%.

Do not open windows at high speed

Do not open the window during high-speed driving. Opening windows when driving at high speed will disturb the air flow and form a greater wind resistance, which will directly lead to safety problem, increased driving resistance of the vehicle , and make electric vehicles consume more electricity.

Keep correct tire pressure

Generally, the tires produced by regular manufacturers are marked with the most suitable tire pressure range. For electric vehicles, it is most reasonable to keep the tire pressure at 310-380kpa. When the tire pressure is low, the rolling resistance and lateral steering resistance of the tire will increase, which will increase the power consumption of the electric vehicle.That will also affect the service life of the tire and the driving safety of the vehicle.

Say goodbye to quick charging

Quick Charging referring to DC Fast Charging and over 32A AC charging.

It seems like a great way to use quick charge for get a charge fast so you can drive fast when you go out, but every time you use quick charge, it takes a little life away from the battery.

If you charge with a normal charge such as 16A charging for eight years, your battery might show at least 80% left in it. Charging with a quick charge for all those years can decrease your battery life down to 70% or lower in the same amount of time.

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