Let your dream of exploring the world come true

Let your dream of exploring the world come true

Power up your electric lifestyle! Whether you're on a road trip or navigating the city, our EV Chargers are ready to charge your electric vehicle, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of the USA worry-free!


Special Features


Quality Control

Our dedicated team of experts combines innovative technology to ensure that every product meets the highest standards. From the initial design stage to the final inspection, we leave no room for compromise when it comes to quality.

Easy storage

With itslightweight design, you no longer have to be bound by bulky charging equipment. Whether it's a long-distance drive on a journey or a short trip in the city, simply place the EV Charger in your car storage space, and you can travel freely without worrying about charging.


Let's towards a sustainable future. By choosing our charger, you can provide a convenient charging solution for your electric vehicle and contribute to reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and protecting the earth's resources.

UL Certificate

Obtaining UL certification means that our Portable EV Charger has passed tests related to electrical safety, durability, performance, and more, ensuring you receive a high-quality and reliable charging experience.

Efficient charging, worry-free experience

Enjoy a safe and reliable charging experience

High Compatibility

High Compatibility

Whether you are a Tesla owner or a non-Tesla owner, our products can provide stable and fast charging for your car

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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

No matter where you are, just plug the EV Charger into the power outlet, and you can easily charge and release the unlimited power of the electric vehicle.

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