Welcome to join Megear Brand Agency! As a brand agent of Megear, you will enjoy the following cooperation opportunities:

  1. Brand Agency:

    • Dropshipping Cooperation: Minimum order quantity of 30 pieces. You can directly provide products to customers through dropshipping without worrying about inventory and logistics.
    • Bulk Purchase: If the quantity starts from 300 pieces, the price can be negotiated.
  2. Sales Rewards:

    • Gift / Discount: When the specified quantity is purchased or the sales volume is reached, we will provide gifts or offer discount incentives.
    • Quarterly / Annual Sales Targets Rewards: When you achieve quarterly or annual sales targets, you will be rewarded with advertising support, product incentives, etc.
  3. Commission Range:

    • The agent may obtain a commission range of 5% - 8%.

MEGEAR is dedicated to selling high-quality EV Chargers to the US market and establishing long-term and stable partnerships with agents. Through our cooperation, you will gain substantial profits and excellent market returns.

If you are interested in becoming a brand agent for MEGEAR or have any cooperation-related questions, please contact our team through our official website. We look forward to working with you!


Contact Email: Charlotte@menewenergy.com


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