Q: Why does the J1772 plug so tight?

A: The safety specification requirement for a J1772 plug have a required plug force, we build to those specifications, the end result is a tight fit for a few week. It will only last a few weeks. You could put some water soluble lubricant on connectors and it worked better on this issue.


Q: Does this stop supplying power when the car is fully charged?

A: Yes it does. Like Cables/ Charger, which are actually called E.V.S.E Cables (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment): there are 2 prongs that communicate with the car to tell when its accepting charge when its doesn't want any. Then charger will stop on its own when the system is charged.


Q: What car models are suitable for this ev charger?

A: Our ev charger can work well with all evs meet with SAE J1772 standard. Before purchased, you need to check your car charging hole whether it is the SAE J1772 standard.

Actually, all USA electric cars are the same SAE J1772 standard.If your car is Tesla, you need to use Tesla charging adpter to use this charger. Or if your car is imported from other countries, so you need to pay attention to your car charging hole standard.


Q: How long can it be fully charged?

This is a calculation problem and each car has a different time to full charged. But the same calculation method can be used. Please see the calculation process below.

Household Voltage X Rated Current=Rated Power

**Due to the influence of charging environment and aging degree of batteries, car charging power may be less than 7.68kw. The actual charging power should be taken as the criterion.

Vehicles Battery Capacity÷Rated Power=Charging Time

**Some electric vehicles have charging protection for batteries, and control the charging speed of electric power from 0% to 100%, please depend on the actual charging time.

For example, a 15Kwh Battery car use Megear 16A ev charger, how long can it be fully charged?

240V(Household Voltage)X 16A(Rated Current)=3.84 kw(Rated Power)

15kwh(Vehicles Battery Capacity)÷3.84kw(Rated Power)= 3.9hours


Q: Can I use a heavy duty extension cord with this? 

A: Yes, but we suggest you buy the extension cable in our Megear store. If you use extension cables from other stores, if there is a problem with the product, we will not provide warranty due to improper use of external accessories. Thanks!